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Taye Diggs Promises to Steal Our Hearts in the Sequel for The Best Man

The Best Man was a classic 1999 film with a fantastic soundtrack the explored the seminal problems that come up when a group of friends get together for a wedding and find out that they all used to sleep together and that some of them still want to. Lead actor Taye Diggs grappled with his attraction for both Sanaa Lathan and Nia Long, when the real solution would have been for all of them to just opt for a three-way. Nevertheless, it's 2013, so maybe that's the particular flavor of "more sex" we're promised in its sequel, The Best Man Holiday.


Though it sports a truly horrible title, the who's-who of Hollywood's black actors return for this movie, with Diggs, Lathan and Long joined again by Morris Chestnut, Harold Perrineau, Monica Calhoun, Regina Hall and Terrence Howard. Plus Eddie Cibrian, who we can just never get enough of. While there were perhaps too many boys-will-be-boys moments in the original movie, it still featured strong black female characters. The sequel is bound to have all that stuff – perhaps with higher stakes now that everyone's a little older – plus more dancing:


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Monique John

You guys know that the guy in the picture above is not Taye Diggs, right? #becauseallblackguyslookthesame