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Target's Only Male Plus-Size Model Says His Wife Gave Him the Confidence to Take the Job

Illustration for article titled Targets Only Male Plus-Size Model Says His Wife Gave Him the Confidence to Take the Job

Scattered among rumors about Hollywood’s A through D-listers on People’s “News” section are human interest stories that I generally avoid. Today there was a headline about sisters meeting each other for the first time at 9 and 10 years old (too boring), some dog who found a home after losing an eye (too sad), and a story about Target’s one and only male plus-size model. That’s the one I clicked.


26-year-old Zach Miko can currently be seen modeling Target’s big and tall clothing, and tells People he (unlike other male models) actually wears items from that section.

Says Miko:

“I never understood why looking at big and tall clothing, they show me these Abercrombie & Fitch-style, really cut, really fit guys,” Miko tells PEOPLE. “These guys aren’t buying XXL tall T-shirts, these guys aren’t buying 42-inch pants, but they’re the guys you see modeling it.”


Miko, who’s 6’6” and lives in New York, says he never thought of himself as “an attractive person,” and that, “as a man, you don’t want to ever admit you have body image issues.” But his wife helped change all of that:

“Now I feel okay looking like I do and being like I am, but I never would have had the confidence to go model or do anything if it wasn’t for my wife,” he continues. “She’s who made me feel attractive for the first time. She made me feel okay with what I am.”

Well goooooood for you, Mr. Confident Model With a Loving and Supportive Life Partner. We’re all soooooo impressed that your life is going so great right now.

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