Target Thinks "Plus-Size" Means Being Pregnant, Apparently

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Wondering why you always have such a hard time finding good plus-size options at retailer Target? Maybe it's because you're not pregnant!


Thanks to one observant tipster, we now have even more proof of just how much trouble Target seems to have when it comes to providing clothing for its plus-size customers and marketing it to them. In this ad for what is actually a pretty cute dress, instead of opting for a real plus-sized model, Target used a maternity model, holding her belly. Oh, and just for the added boot of bullshit to make you pull your hair out, the plus-size version is an extra five bucks than the petite one, because of course extra fabric and yada yada yada. And still, they couldn't spring for the photo shoot with a plus-size model. Nice.

Oh Target! Where plus-size women are nothing more than pregnant manatees, I guess.

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what I hate is that in store they have the maternity section right next to the plus size section - and they're not separated really except for the overhead sign. More than once I have accidentally wandered into the maternity side.