Target Credit Card Database Hacked; Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Presents

On Thursday, Target announced that a credit and debit card security breach has affected more than 40 million of their customers. Online hackers broke into the retailer's database the day before Thanksgiving and squirreled around in there until Dec. 15, reports the New York Times. Then the retail giant's officials said this:

Target said it had confirmed that its online customers were not affected by the breach, which appears to have been isolated to the point-of-sale systems in Target’s retail stores.

Target said that cybercriminals had accessed customer names, credit or debit card numbers, expiration dates and three-digit security codes for 40 million customers who had shopped at its stores.


Target called the Secret Service, which is now investigating the crime. The retailer has told customers to double check their credit and debit card statements for odd purchases, and to check their credit reports for nefarious additional cards. Did you buy anything from Target recently?

And to think, so many thought Target's fight with Beyoncé was going to be the retailer's coal under the Christmas tree.

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