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Target Ad Features Child With Disabilities Modeling As Frozen's Princess Elsa

Illustration for article titled Target Ad Features Child With Disabilities Modeling As iFrozens/i Princess Elsa

Target is being applauded for featuring a little girl with disabilities dressed as Elsa from Frozen. The retailer’s most recent weekly advertisement shows various ideas for children’s Halloween costumes and among them is a little girl with arm crutches and leg braces modeling the Disney character’s light blue dress.


Jen Kroll, a mother of a child with disabilities, first posted the ad on Facebook and thanked Target, while noting that including “children with special needs into advertising makes them less of a spectacle to the general public when they venture out into the real world.” According to Mashable, Target responded to the support via Twitter, saying the company’s advertising team tries hard to include all of their guests.

Earlier this year, Target decided to change to gender-neutral labeling for their toy section. In 2012, the retailer featured a child with Down syndrome in a weekly ad.


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I’m just over here wondering what kid tells their parents, “Mom, Dad, I want to be a banana this Halloween!”