Taraji P. Henson Will Star in a Gender-Flipped Remake of What Women Want

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If there is one movie that really doesn’t hold up well in 2017, it might be What Women Want.

From 2000, the movie followed Mel Gibson (yuck) as a sexist advertising executive who is suddenly granted the ability to read women’s minds and then uses that to sell them things and seduce them. And then in the process he finds out that women are people who should be respected! Congrats to him.

But now a new movie inspired by this premise is on the way with the genders flipped. According to Deadline, the forthcoming What Men Want will star Taraji P. Henson who plays “a female sports agent who has been constantly boxed out by her male colleagues.” She then uses her ability to hear men’s thoughts to her advantage at work.


This all sounds good to me because while What Women Want rested on Gibson goofily being unable to figure out women, which made it feel like one long “what she says/what she means” meme on screen, the premise of What Men Want seems far more relevant. And the more Henson gets to scam clueless men on screen, the better!

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Does it end with her curling up in a tight ball on the floor because every single man she comes into contact with has more gross, shitty thoughts about women than she could ever imagine, even the good guys?