Taraji P. Henson and Angela Bassett Prove the Best Comment Will Always Be ‘No Comment’

Screenshot: AP

While promoting her upcoming gender-swapped remake of Nancy Meyers box office hit What Women Want on Wednesday night, Taraji P. Henson was asked by a reporter from the Associated Press whether or not she knew what Kanye West really meant by his mid-week Twitter rant. Both she and Angela Bassett, who joined her for the event, appeared shocked by the question, but Henson responded with a succinct, “No comment.”

“Does he know what he wants? He keeps changing what he wants. How are we supposed to keep up with what he wants?” Bassett asks.

“That’s why I said no comment,” Henson adds. “I don’t know. Can’t help you.”

Though the AP reporter graps at straws for a peg by attempting to connect the question with the movie she was on the red carpet to promote (“Your movie is What Men Want, I wonder if you know what Kanye wants”), I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not the same reporter would have posed that question to the film’s white female lead, Wendy McLendon Covey. Most of me thinks, Uh, no shit that wouldn’t have happened. As far as I know, West and Henson aren’t known to be good friends, they never publicly dated, and Henson didn’t react to the news on Twitter as it happened. So... why ask? Because they’re both black?


But I digress. The point is that Henson refused to play the AP’s little game of aligning herself with Team Kanye or Team Fuck Kanye, and instead placed a flag in the increasingly little occupied territory of Team No Comment.

It’s a good place to be, and Henson knows it.

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I predict this to become a very popular reaction gif. It’s hard to decide who’s beautiful face to watch so I just keep watching it over and over again.