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Tanning Beds Can Be Addicting, Study Finds

Illustration for article titled Tanning Beds Can Be Addicting, Study Finds

Is it possible to become addicted to tanning? A new study suggests that regular bronzing can lead college students to exhibit behavior similar to alcohol abuse. But there are skeptics, like Gary Lipman, chairman of The Sunbed Association. [DailyMail]


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Although, I think my friends would strap me with duct tape to my room, if I ever went as far as looking like an Oompa-Loompa, I can agree that it can be pretty addictive. Any beauty ritual can pretty much start spiraling out of control. I once started finding myself becoming addicted to teeth whitening products and toothpaste. I stopped when my friend's mom, a dental hygienist told me a freak story about how some people's teeth start turning blue. That and after noticing the freakishly white-out white teeth on most of the cast of Extreme Home Makeover.