Boston Marathon Explosion Open Thread

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It's too soon to tell what the hell is happening at the Boston Marathon — Reuters has a live blog for breaking news — but you can discuss the explosions down below. If you're in the area, please stay safe.


If you know someone running in the Boston Marathon, you can check their last location here.

Gawker is updating here; Deadspin has info here. We'll have a an updated post going up later.


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Someone in the Gawker thread just suggested this could be a Boston-Tea-Party themed act of domestic terrorism since it's Boston, and Tax Day. It had better not be. I swear to fucking dog, someone had better not have blown up a bunch of people to make a point about the federal income tax. There's only so much crazy I can take, and at least if this is religious crazy I won't have to build another compartment in my brain to hold it.