Take Me to the Beige Labyrinth That Is Kim Kardashian's Fashion Archive

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If there is one woman who has come to define the 2010's it’s Kim Kardashian. She knows this, which is why she treats her wardrobe like a precious future museum exhibit.

After a fan asked Kim Kardashian if she still kept some of her coats circa 2013 and 2014 (ancient to celebrities!) she wrote back on Twitter, “I have every single coat and each one of these outfits all archived with the photo attached to each look! Don’t you worry!”

People pointed out that Kardashian has given fans a peak into her fashion archive before on her Snapchat. “Do you remember all this stuff?” she says on camera, her voice straight from an ASMR video. “Prince concert,” she says, rattling off events as she fingers through garments, each of them labeled. “Gown from the cover of Vogue...”


“Even when Kanye thought he cleaned out my closet, I kept it all secretly for my daughter one day,” she says in one video. That’s sweet, but all I keep thinking about is how beige most of it must be. All those ugly Kanye West-approved earth tones and neutrals... I want to scream!

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That looks like something Ivanka would wear