Take an Andrew Lloyd Webber SoulCycle Class and Live Your Very Specific Phantom Fantasy

Picture it: You’re settling into the damp, dark uterine warmth of your regular SoulCycle class, candles flickering atmospherically, when you hear it—the insistent organ and pounding, synth-y beats of the opening notes of The Phantom of the Opera. Act fast, and this could be your reality!

Playbill reports this dystopian scene will be coming soon to the franchise’s location on the Upper West Side of Manhattan:

The exercise center will celebrate all three of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s currently-running Broadway shows with show-themed classes at their 350 Amsterdam Avenue (at West 77th Street) location. Participants will do their 45-minute stationery-bike workout to recorded music from that week’s show. The series gets rolling October 10 with a School of Rock—The Musical-themed class, 27 blocks north of where the show is playing.

The Cats-themed ride is planned for October 24, and the Phantom of the Opera ride will follow on November 7. Cast members from the musicals will be on hand for all three classes.


Whatever—call me when somebody builds an exercise class around Sarah Brightman’s classic “Starship Trooper” video.

Senior Editor, Attic Haunter, Jezebel

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“Aspects of Love” and “Starlight Express” or GTFO.