Domestic and Low Wage Workers 'Put It All on the Line' For Social Change

On Wednesday, thousands women across the country either went on strike from work, wore red, or abstained from buying things as part of A Day Without a Woman and the International Women’s Strike, to be held in conjunction with International Women’s Day. In the words of the Women’s Strike organizers, “These actions are…

'We're Not Gonna Sit Down': Photos and Conversations From the Women's Strike in New York

The “A Day Without a Woman” rally on 59th street was one of hundreds of gatherings around the country connected to Wednesday’s general strike, and the first of two taking place in Manhattan. Midsize but bursting with energy, the event was tightly packed by the time a colleague and I arrived about 20 minutes after noon.

'Underpaid, Underappreciated': Teachers Whose Schools Shut Down For the Women's Strike Respond to Criticism

As part of the women’s strike on Wednesday, public schools in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, North Carolina and in Alexandria, Virginia opted to shut down for the day. School officials made the call after hundreds of faculty members requested leaves for what was otherwise known as “A Day Without a Woman.” The strike urged…

No White House Staffers Participated in Women's Strike, According to Shrieking Golem Sean Spicer

In a briefing this afternoon, Press Secretary and shambling ball of clay Sean Spicer claimed that none of the female White House staffers he’s “aware of” participated in today’s A Day Without A Woman strike. We hate to trust Sean’s powers of awareness on this one too, but it’s the best we’ve got for now.