Trump Pretended That His Hands Are Too Big for Gloves During a Hurricane Relief Event, Again

I’m just going to skip the dick jokes that write themselves to tell you that commander-in-sheath Donald Trump acted like the regulation “white plastic gloves” he was supposed to don to pass out food at a Hurricane Irma relief event in Naples, Florida on Thursday wouldn’t fit over his enormous hands, which everyone

An NFL Player's Online Harvey Fundraiser Is Going Viral, And the Celebrities Are Helping 

Yesss put down your DraftKings app, Jezebel readers (jk, jk). NFL player J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans started an online fundraiser last Sunday for Hurricane Harvey victims with a modest $200,000 goal and has now reached $17.5 million [UPDATE 15 minutes later: $17.8 million]. To put that number in perspective, an

Sure, Trump Donated $1 Million For Disaster Relief, But Also Denies Climate Change and Wants to Cut Flood Risk Protections 

Human hair burrito Donald Trump, who used Hurricane Harvey as a ratings ploy to pardon former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and claims to have seen the storm’s devastating effects “first hand” even though he didn’t, is now donating one million of his own hard-inherited dollars to relief efforts. Though that’s a not