As my brotha from another motha, photographer Nikola Tamindzic says, "I am Eurotrash: By default I love Custo!" We couldn't have said it better ourselves. The prints. The colors. All that sparkle. None of it seemed to match. But Nikola (and I suppose his Eurotrash brethren) didn't seem to care. When you can't beat

It must be difficult to be Zac Posen, feeling the weight of being constantly told that the entire fate of American fashion rests on your young shoulders. As Marc Jacobs becomes downright establishment, Posen is the face, the voice, and the spirit of young American fashion. And last night's Spring/Summer 2008

The Heatherette fashion show was really more like a party with a parade in the middle. Plus, some of the most interesting outfits were on the guests! Things kicked off with a performance by Lil' Mama and then the models — black girls! a plus-sized girl! fey boys and hunks! kids! a tranny and a porn star! — charged the

Throw bows, polka dots, ruffles, glitter and miles and miles of tulle into a blender and you'll get the frothy concoction of yesterday's Betsey Johnson show. According to the program (which we didn't look at until after the show, whoops!), the prom-inspired looks were organized by decades: 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and

We've been talking like Grey Gardens' Little Edie Beale all day long since our review of Marc Jacobs' Spring '08 show earlier today. Considering that we live alone, we're probs like a sliver more insane than Edie herself, as she at least had someone to talk to, or at, rather. Anyway, more looks from last night's show

We always dug Vivienne Tam's now-iconic Mao-print dresses. After, who doesn't love a little pinch of the good Chairman in their wardrobe? Which is why we were front and center yesterday for the pre-opening party for Tam's new store in New York's Soho, for which Vivienne hired a flock of models, dressed them in Mao-era

The Rodarte Spring/Summer 2008 collection was one of the best fashion shows we've seen so far: The femininity! The sophistication! The hot-as-Hades scene gathered to watch the show! Yes, the Rodarte show proved to be the meeting place of the who's who of the fashion elite: Scroll through our gallery of backstage,

For reasons still not entirely obvious to us, Levi's asked douchebag artist Damien Hirst to design a line for the company. Supposedly it had something to do with Andy Warhol. (We're not sure what, other than that we hope that Hirst's prolonged 15 minutes of fame is nearing an end.) His show, attended by both Mary-Kate