South Korean Jang Mi-ran, who won weightlifting gold at the Beijing Olympics, says that after struggling with her weight as a teenager, being an athlete has made her happy with her 275 lbs. "I used to think that my size was a flaw before I started weightlifting," said Jang. "But after I started weightlifting, that has

Dara Torres, the 41-year-old American swimmer who won three silver medals at the Beijing Olympics this year, is set to undergo anthroscopic surgery to repair her right shoulder. Torres developed a degenerative arthritis problem in her acromioclavicular (or AC) joint in 2007, but she put off surgery in order to compete

Last Friday's Houston Chronicle profiled the silent player in women's gymnastics: the super-tight,skin-stretching ponytail. "When I'm doing my tricks, my hair doesn't whack me in the face," says 11-year-old gymnast Lindsey Stone, while other young gymnasts talk about the importance of wetting the hair, using pins and

Swimmer Jessica Hardy, 21, is the first American athlete who qualified for the Beijing Olympics to test positive for a banned substance, the AP is reporting. An anonymous source leaked the info, said that the banned substance was a stimulant and that both Hardy's "A" sample and back up sample tested positive for the

The organizing committee of the Beijing Olympics is on the prowl for women to place the awards around athletes' necks during medal ceremonies. According to Reuters, the committee requires that women must be between the ages of 18 and 25, between 66 and 70 inches tall, have "good" figures, and be enrolled in a