Tackle Cultural Appropriation With a White Party

Do you ever get annoyed that people won't stop having conversations about cultural appropriation? Well too bad because we're going to keep talking about it until people stop throwing wildly offensive and painfully obtuse parties where the "theme" consists of tired stereotypes about an entire culture or race of people.

Comedian Akilah Hughes decides to tackle this issue yet again by exploring what would happen "if a bunch of people of color throw a white party." Yes, a white party, and not the kind that P Diddy and Solange throw.

This white party involves a lot of mayonnaise, "Edward Chardonnay Hands" and people dancing tragically off-beat. Does that sound offensive or, at the very least, rude as hell? Well now you know what you look like at that "Pimps and Hoes" party or that time you thought it would be super cute to wear an Indian headdress at Coachella.

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Two things. One, I 100% want to play Edward Chardonnay Hands. Actually, and this says so many (not good) things about me, can we make it Edward White Zin Hands? Two, since when is it not acceptable to stay home and watch Netflix?

But seriously, this doesn't really work because making fun of the oppressors doesn't have the same effect as making fun of the oppressed. Like, I'm pretty sure a lot of white people see people of color "appropriating" our "culture" as some sort of jacked up sign of success.