T-Boz Weighs in on Auld Lang Syne: 'That Shit's Corny'

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You might want to think twice before breaking out "Auld Lang Syne" tonight—someone (FINALLY) asked for T-Boz's take on the New Year's anthem and she has officially declared that shit "CORNY." "You wouldn't catch me singing that on my worst day...I'm not Scottish."

Idea for 2014: Can we have T-Boz weigh in on literally everything? I love her. Honorable mention: The part when she says she's going to hit the TMZ reporter in his head if he doesn't stop bothering her at the airport with stupid contrived shit. [TMZ]

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  • I feel like I should put a video here that sums up the entire year in Dirt Bags. But how the fuck do you even do that? Do you know how long a year is? IT IS LITERALLY A YEAR LONG. I guess I'll just stick with an old favorite and you guys can submit your suggestions in the comments (please?). THANKS FOR DIRT-BAGGING WITH ME ALL YEAR, YOU GUYS!!! I LOVE YOU.

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Okay, T-Boz. Auld Lang Syne is based on a poem written by Scots Poet Robbie Burns in 1788. (just a side note of snark, all over the world people celebrate his birthday by having Robbie Burns night suppers, where his poetry is recited and some haggis may be eaten. He died in 1796. Think they'll be having T-Boz suppers in 10 years, never mind 100?)

The song is essentially a rhetorical question about should old aquaintances/times be forgot? Hell no. Also - it's ridiculously great on bagpipes.