Sylvester's Son Sage Stallone Found Dead In His Apartment

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Sage Stallone, who played Rocky's son opposite real-life father Sylvester Stallone in 1990's Rocky 5, has passed away at 36. He was found in his Los Angeles apartment when his concerned housekeeper called the authorities, who say that that there was "no personal contact" with Stallone in the days before his death. There were no signs of forced entry, nor a suicide note, and no foul play is suspected at this time, but investigators discovered prescription drugs in his apartment and accidental overdose is the most likely possibility at this time.


The first of Sylvester Stallone's two sons with first wife Sasha Czack, he was a burgeoning filmmaker and the co-founder of Grindhouse Releasing, a company dedicated to preserving and promoting the B-movies and exploitation films of the 1970s and '80s. [TMZ]

  • Among the stars who have Tweeted their condolences to the Stallone family: Eliza Dushku, Denise Richards, Kevin Connolly, Whoopi Goldberg, Lisa Marie Presley and Shanna Moakler. [Contact Music]
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I'm not massively clued up on the Kardashians, but Kourtney's other half is sending out some serious Patrick Bateman vibes in every picture I see of him.