Swimsuit Photography Isn't Always About Sex

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Walter Iooss has spent the last 38 years traveling the world to shoot models in swimsuits for Sports Illustrated. Leaving aside Tyra and Paulina (and Kathy and Petra), Iooss's book Heaven includes some images of breathtaking beauty, including this. [VanityFair]

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hook and line

As a photographer, I really have no interest in editorial photography (at least at this point in my career / life). Yet, there are maybe a handful of photographers who I can name who are almost strictly editorial / fashion photogs who I take great influence from.

I'm an idiot, though, because I had never really paid attention to Walter Iooss's work before. Now I'm looking up more from him and there's some really breathtaking stuff. Thanks for this, Katy! I appreciate that these are not only pictures of women half naked, but beautiful portraits that capture an essence of the person behind the body. That's a really impressive thing, to me.

(I was going to attach a photo, but it appears to not be working. Here is a link to, in my limited knowledge of sports figures someone I actually know, a portrait of Kevin Garnett that is stunning.)