Susan Lucci Gives Poorly Timed "Erica Kane Makeovers"

The Gods of Daytime Syndication must have been laughing yesterday when a pre-taped segment on the Nate Berkus Show giving makeovers to the All My Children-obsessed aired just hours after news of the show's cancellation broke.

Watch the clip and you'll manage to feel badly for everyone involved: for Susan Lucci's not-yet-won Daytime Emmy awards, for All My Children's now-unemployed costume designer, for the ladies who idolized Erica Kane, and for Nate Berkus — who likely gave himself the ol' face-palm when he realized one of his small talk-show's "bigger" episodes was going to air on a very bad day.

On less cringe-y notes, Kelly Ripa took a moment on Live! this morning to discuss her own disdain about the show being canceled. She started her run on the soap at the tender age of 19, essentially growing up on set. She met her husband on the show (who she married both on and off screen) and only left the show once she was offered Kathie Lee's old chair next to Regis. At least Kelly made a career out of it — the rest of us are left with a void in the 1pm timeslot of our hearts.

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The only reason why that segment was "poorly-timed" is because the assholes that head ABC/ABC Daytime didn't let Susan or the rest of the cast in on the fact that the show was ending until two hours before they made it known to the press. Mind you, this is after they had her and other cast members running around and assuring fans and media for months that the "rumors of cancellations" were "untrue".

I honestly don't know what is worse - that they knew a year in advance that a soap (AMC) was going to get cancelled yet forced cast and crew to move cross-country to another studio (that is, if they didn't opt to leave the show because they hadn't wanted to leave NYC) or that though a soap (OLTL) had been able to put out relatively quality material while staying under-budget, they didn't even let the cast/crew know the real deal until 20 minutes before (by video chat, no less) they let the world know or that the most bloated-budget soap that is the shittiest of the three (GH) is the one that they decided to spare.