Survey Says that 26.5 to 38% of Women are Bisexual

Biscuit, a UK-based website for bisexual women, conducted a survey over social media during the months of February and March. After compiling results from 100 respondents, they found that 26.5% of women identify as bisexual, and the 38% have had at least one sexual encounter with someone of the same sex, which suggests that women are more open about their own sexuality than previously thought.

Similar to this last point, the study found that "pigeonholing one's sexuality is an outmoded and irrelevant exercise," especially to women in the 16-24 and 35-44 age range. In addition to the young and middle-age women who were concerned about pigeonholing, many women over 44 were criticized the fact "that there was no category for those who, when young, had conformed to society's expectations of heterosexuality and had come out as lesbian in later life."


While the study's method was not scientifically rigorous, as Biscuit editor Charlotte Dingle said, it still shows that women regard their sexuality as fluid, which could be a healthier way of thinking about it than trying to fit into a straight or not box.

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