Don't you just love summer? Don't you feel like you just love summer that much more because of your vagina and tits? That's what a new "study" sponsored by England's summertime alcoholic beverage of choice, Pimm's, claims. They surveyed 2,000 people in the United Kingdom and found some shocking results.

"In the summer women can start wearing all sorts of interesting things and have far more freedom," said Psychologist Cary Cooper of Lancaster University. All sorts of freedom, like skipping and doing bell-hops in places they once could not. Freedoms like giggling and flipping their hair and wearing outfits because it's the SUMMERTIME, baby! You're finally free from the gender-specific shackles of cold weather!


"Women are more sociable and good weather enhances their opportunity to interact socially- it's more important to them than men," the good doctor continued. Ah, yes, in the balmy climate of the summer, the wild beast that is woman finally emerges from the dark and isolated place that is the female winter psyche and do woman things like social interaction. Pimm's also found that 88 percent of women smile more when it's sunny, compared to 84 percent of men who reported smiling more. The "study" did not specify whether a larger portion of males surveyed were wearing braces that summer, or if they were self-identified "non-smilers," which could have skewed the results. A whopping 92 percent of women reported to Pimm's surveyors that they "love the summer," but only 59 percent of women surveyed, however, said they felt sexier in the summer.

So what's going on with those 33 percent who love summer but don't feel sexier in June, July and August? Did your neighborhood Sandy Olsen show you up with her sun-kissed skin and high ponytail?How could you possibly love summer when you don't feel sexy? Oh, that's right. We forgot a crucial factor in all of this: Orange Creamsicles. Now where's all the fancy psychological data on those?


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