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Surprise! Secretary of State Frontrunner Rudy Giuliani Has Massive Conflicts of Interest

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Rudy Giuliani, glistening maw of the degenerate patriarchy, is reportedly at the top of Trump’s list for Secretary of State. Not only does this make no sense from an experience standpoint—Giuliani’s last elected position was New York City Mayor 15 years ago, and since then he’s mostly spent his time fighting with Beyoncé and trying to run for president—but Giuliani has also done business, directly and indirectly, with a number of foreign governments that would call any decisions he makes as Secretary of State into serious question.

Politico reports that Giuliani, through his work as a lawyer and consultant, has ties to:

  1. Exiled Iranian political party Mujahedin e-Khalq, which paid Giuliani to give a speech asking the State Dept. to reverse its terrorist designation
  2. Qatar’s state-run oil company
  3. Casino tycoon Stanley Ho, designated by the U.S. as an organized crime figure with ties to North Korea (“a 1 percent owner that had no involvement with us, we never worked for, had nothing to do with,” Giuliani said of Ho at the time)
  4. TransCanada Corp., the company behind the Keystone XL pipeline
  5. Citgo, the U.S. subsidiary of Venezuela’s state oil company
  6. Saudi Arabia’s oil ministry

This guy isn’t even Trump’s worst cabinet pick.