Surfer Saves Kangaroo From Shark-Infested Waters

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This feel-good adventure could only have happened Down Under!

Whilst jogging on a Queensland beach with his son, Neil McCallum watched a kangaroo with a death-wish bound directly into the ocean. "Suddenly at the waters edge he just dives into the ocean and starts swimming out to sea, it was the most bizarre thing I've ever seen, we were totally dumbfounded," quoth he to the Times.

The roo got caught in a strong rip-tide in what McCallum knew to be shark-infested waters. He dashed home, grabbed his sufboard, and herded the marsupial onto a sand bar.

"When he finally got back to the beach he just collapsed, the poor thing had been swimming for 20 minutes and was absolutely exhausted. But after a while he got back up and bounded back off down the beach – but not before he looked back at me, staring at me straight in the eyes, as if to say: ‘thanks for that mate'. Or maybe he was saying: ‘you just wrecked my morning swim'


A wildlife expert says that it's a little-known fact that kangaroos enjoy swimming - and, despite their ungainly shape, are pretty good at it.

Video: Man Saves Kangaroo [TimesUK]

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That was a great article. I keep picturing the kangaroo getting into the water and swimming. Mos def needed a smile and it did the trick. G' day mate.