Sure Sounds Like Donald Trump Just Admitted He Doesn't Pay Federal Income Taxes

Midway through the first presidential debate Monday night, Donald Trump seemingly confirmed he hasn’t paid federal income taxes because 1) he’s smart and 2) the government wouldn’t put it to good use, while also questioning aloud why he’s always being audited.


“It’s politicians like Secretary Clinton that have caused this problem,” Trump said to Clinton Monday night, blaming her for our nation’s shitty airports. “Our country has tremendous problems. We’re a debtor nation, we’re a serious debtor nation, and we have a country that needs new roads, new tunnels, new bridges, new airports, new schools, new hospitals. and we don’t have the money, because it’s been squandered on so many of your ideas.”

“And maybe because you haven’t paid any federal income tax for a lot of years,” Hillary said.


“It would be squandered too. Believe me,” said Trump, which, frankly is a lot to ask at this point.

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