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A video has been released two men, who are reportedly connected to rapper Fabolous and Lil Bow Wow, slapping "mega fan" Kat Stacks until she falls to the ground. They also demand she "apologize, bitch" and "watch [her] mouth."

Some have suggested that the blogger brought it upon herself by sharing the details of her sex life online. Stacks has become internet-famous by contacting celebrities she would like to have sex with via Twitter. The ones that take the bait are often later bashed on her blog, where she has discussed everything from the Young Money bunk bed situation to Lil Bow Wow's penis. The video below shows Stacks alternating between bragging about sleeping with Lil Wayne for $1,200 and critiquing the household decor of broke rappers.

Stacks is not exactly a likable character. She mentions all the "shit I have to expose about Bow Wow" and calls out several men for having a "little ass motherfucking dick." Her exploits have made her semi-famous, but they have also turned many people against her to the point where more than a few fans were thrilled to see her viciously assaulted on camera.


In the video (shown below), Stacks is sitting on a bar stool when two men approach her. She claims that the third man stole her phone and used it to film the beat down that followed. The two assailants take turns slapping her and pulling her hair, all while telling her to "say sorry" and commanding that she "watch her mouth." One man hits her repeatedly, while the other grabs her by her hair and forces her face closer to the camera. They mention Lil Bow Wow and Fabolous by name, which suggests that the revenge story may not be so far-fetched (Stacks apparently claimed that Lil Bow Wow was more aptly named than he is willing to admit). Fabolous has already denied any involvement with the incident. He wrote on Twitter: "Why would I SEND a DUDE to smack a GIRL?? But I know who sent someone to smack her... KARMA!! #RealSh*t."
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Like Fabolous's tweets, much of the commentary surrounding the assault has been decidedly of the she-deserved-it type. Though it may be difficult to relate to someone making a career having sex with men and blogging about their unsatisfactory anatomy, it is not, and shouldn't be, difficult to defend Stacks. She was brutally assaulted in public by several men, and no one stepped in to stop it. She was beaten and humiliated on film - all for speaking her mind about her previous sexual partners, who doubtless knew what they were getting into when they were approached by a random woman over a social media website. Her shit-talking is no justification for violence. Perhaps just as importantly, Stacks was just engaging in the same type of behavior that these men exhibit on a daily basis. As Whitney Teal at writes:

The amount of un-deserved respect and allegiance that men like Fabolous, Bow Wow, and Nelly (all reported paramours of Stacks) get from some men and women is mind-boggling. Their entire brand sits on the backs of the women whom they rap about (often in derogatory ways) and who perform in their music videos. They support themselves with stories about their sexual conquests - both real and imagined - yet when a woman like Stacks or Karrine Stephans turns the tables and capitalizes on the relationship, it's deemed unfair to the men.

Stacks was simply operating in the same economy of sexual conquest her former sexual partners popularize and support. She may have made money with her body, but all of her so-called victims have used the bodies, real and imaginary, of women to help build their brand. Stacks's real crime is that she stepped beyond the acceptable boundaries of how a "ho" should act. She is allowed to provide lyrical inspiration for these men, but she isn't allowed to talk about it. She can lend her body to the cause, either through performance or actual sex, but she can't take advantage of their physicality. Stacks was playing their game; unfortunately for her, she was also playing by their rules.

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