Super Dad Brad Pitt Will Save Us All in World War Z

The trailer for the long-awaited apoca-loco zombie flick World War Z features Brad Pitt embracing a different wife and kids than we're using to seeing him with. "I need answers," he says, as the world turns to shit, and I need answers, too: Where is Angelina? Where is Zahara? Helicopters crash, cities burst into flames, "life as we know it will come to an end in 90 days," an official dude says. Yeah, yeah. They should have cast all the Jolie-Pitts. Then I'd be in line for tickets right now. If you have disaster-movie fatigue (how many times have we seen D.C. blow up lately?), this is not the film for you. But if you like 3D and feeling anxious, mark your calendar: WWZ opens June 21.

[The Hollywood Reporter]


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