Super Cool Dad Defends Daughter's ‘Keep Jesus Out of My Vagina' Poster

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Last week, anti-choicers called a creative young woman a "whore," "slut," etc. for protesting Texas abortion legislation with a sign that read: "Jesus isn't a DICK; so keep him OUT of MY VAGINA!" Her awesome dad is now defending her honor to trolls on Twitter.


"This is how some girls in America are being raised," LifeNews laments. We, on the other hand, would like her to come hang out at Jez headquarters and write our headlines. (Her dad can respond to our hate mail.)

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Thank you all for the nice comments. I am very surprised to have received a positive response after all of the commotion out there on "teh interwebz." While I do see the point of the comments that essentially say that her sign is risque, if it started a debate that helped everyone see the type of protesting that was really happening at the Capitol, I'm even more in favor of it. As if that were possible.

There were some particularly wonderful people in support of the bill that were quite pleasant to speak to, and there were some amazingly nasty people in support of it as well. No group is perfect. And although I did not see / hear anyone on the opposing the bill side speak in hateful language to the supporters, I'm sure that must have happened as well. But these online comments mirrored what we heard from the bills' supporters at the Capitol frequently, sign or no.

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, which is what politics ultimately is, and it's nice when people will just say "life begins at conception and that's that." At that point, you know there's no middle ground. Most every followup from that is met with "those are liberal talking points," but there are a LOT of issues and questions generated when all pregnancies must come to term.

My main concern is that if that (i.e. no abortions, ever) becomes law, women are no longer "persons." They are simply vessels to procreate. That's not how it should be nor as it ever will. Women simply do not allow this to happen to themselves (one way or another) when safe abortion is not available to them. This is just a fact.

Oh there is so much to say, but the point is that I appreciate hearing that others have seen this ridiculousness and have noticed that I have tried to keep things civil even when faced with a lot of (what I would call) hatred.

The internet affords people a sense of anonymity, seemingly allowing people to say things that they probably wouldn't say in public. (Maybe they would, though... I don't know). So when I saw that my daughter and her friend were being attacked, the only natural thing to do was get in front of it and not be "cyberstalked" and discussed like something in a petri dish. I told them right away who I am, and although there were some times that I thought maybe there would be people showing up with pitchforks, it was just the right thing to do. People cannot live in fear, no matter what side of a topic you are on.

Being civil and replying as non-emotionally and inquisitively as possible is free and can remove a lot of tension from a discussion. If you are actually open to listening to new ideas, that helps, too. I suggest that more people try it online and offline. :)

Thank you all for the kind words. It means a LOT to me, my family, the other girl in the pictures, and her family.