Sunday Sign-Off: Were You Super-Busy Celebrating Bloomsday?

Did you read all of Ulysses in a single sitting today? No? Eh, that dusty copy of James Joyce's masterpiece isn't going to fly off of your bookshelf. Try again next year — yes I said yes I will Yes.


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Possible Weirdo

Do any of you have experience with a partner who is addicted to video games? My husband started playing World of Tanks about six months ago. In the past six months, he has played 5,192 battles (according to the stats recorded within the game). That breaks down to an average of about 28 battles a day. Assuming all the battles keep to 5 minutes (the time per battle, according to him), that still means he has spent an average of two hours per day playing this game.

We also have a daughter who will be two in early August. Although I do think he is a good dad, and he usually waits until she is asleep to play (at least when I am home), I am quickly losing patience with his gaming. The biggest thing about his gaming that bothers me is that he is unable to pause a battle, and he is unwilling to lose a battle to deal with anything in the real world. A few weeks ago, he was supposed to be watching out daughter while I was in the kitchen cooking. I hear him tell her not to pull on something, so I came to see what was up. I walk in just in time to see her pull a folding table over, right onto her head. He was too concerned with his battle to do anything more than say something. Getting up to save her from injury would have meant losing a battle, so she got a bruise on her eye.

Last night I spilled a sticky beverage, and it was all over my feet. I asked him to get a towel so I could avoid tracking sticky stuff all over the house. He told me to wait. "I can't, I'll die". I got upset, and told him I thought it was ridiculous that his game was more important than a family emergency (thinking more about the incident with our daughter than the sticky mess). He in turn started yelling that spilling something wasn't an emergency, and that he was going to die because I distracted him. He huffed off to bed because he had to work this morning, and we haven't spoken since.

Was it wrong of me to get upset? He thinks there is nothing wrong with his gaming. Would you be ok with your husband/partner doing this?