Sunday Sign Off: Tom Hiddleston Made This Thing for You

Tom Hiddleston seems to be enjoying fame about as much as anyone signing "Stand By Me" while drinking a huge beer in the passenger seat of a car can really enjoy fame. It's a hard gig, but somebody — preferably somebody with excellent bone structure — has to do it.

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Okay, that was cute. I am trying to get with the Hiddleston love, which has been perplexing. He is a nice-looking guy and I saw Thor and The Avengers, but did not like either and found Loki grating and ultimately unmemorable.

I do get that he is apparently super-pleasant and genuine, which brings me onboard, but am failing to find him remarkable? After (or in the midst of) the whole internet obsession with Cumberbatch, whom I find ACTIVELY unlikable (and okay, I hate his face), I am willing to try this Hiddleston thing.

There just seems to be a whole host of bland, interchangeable British actors (and a separate cabal of American ones) dominating things right now. Has Hiddleston had a really great performance that I've missed? This is entirely possible.

He just seems like a really nice, solid dude, maybe one I would have dated in college and stayed friends with, but please, someone shed light on the excitement!