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Sunday Sign-Off: The Teen Choice Awards

Sure, you could watch some show about meth entrepreneurs that literally no one cares about, OR you could watch Darren Criss hand out awards to the faces of Hollywood's future DUI mugshots at the Teen Choice Awards. I think the choice is pretty obvious, but you go ahead and do you.


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There are stuffed peppers in the slow cooker, and my whole apartment smells amaaazing! I want them in my tummy NOW!

Semi-related: Does anyone use My Fitness Pal (or something similar? I am open to recommendations!)? If so, do you feel like it helps? I am not looking to lose weight, just to maintain, and to cut back my sugar — there's sooo much of it in everything! I am a big grazer, and don't always remember what I put in my mouth. I think keeping a food journal would help cut back on some of the mindless munching, but I'm so bad at sticking with it! Any tips or helpful hints would be appreciated!