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Sunday Sign Off: Patricia Clarkson Is the Best

I'm not saying Patricia Clarkson should have won an Academy Award for Easy A, but it is one of the great travesties of the 21st century that she didn't. Clarkson turns 54 today, and will be celebrating with Stanley Tucci, three blowtorches, a Carvel Cookie Puss, and a handle of gin in my imagination.


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UGHHHH. Any other frequent Gawker readers sick of seeing commenters write stuff like, "Go back to Jezebel", or otherwise using Jezebel as an insult??? I need to vent, because I am sooo tired of this!

I read (and love) both Gawker and Jezebel. I've been a reader/commenter for many years now, and it was through Gawker that I found Jez. A big part of why I read both sites is because of the commenters, because I really enjoy the readers' funny and insightful thoughts/opinions. It seems like most of the commenters on these sites are educated, liberal, and non-judgemental.

BUT I've come to expect, and loathe, the quotidian Jezebel hate that pops up on random articles. Whether it's, "I bet you won't see this story on Jezebel!" (on an article where a woman does something wrong), or "You must be from Jezebel!" (when a female commenter writes something pro-woman).... it's ridiculous, insulting, and disheartening to find such sexism on a supposedly progressive website.

It's obvious that these commenters have never even read a single article on Jezebel, otherwise they would know that the site most certainly does NOT only publish "pro-woman" or "anti-man" stories. That couldn't be further from the truth! Jezebel shows lots of love to men (yes, I am talking about more than just Tom Hiddleston) and regularly publishes stories where the woman is in the wrong (and appropriate outrage is directed towards whomever that might be). For what it's worth, Jezebel doesn't even call itself a "feminist website", although personally I think they should.

So to those people, I say this: I am a woman. I am a feminist. That's something to proud of, not ashamed of. It only means that I believe in fair/equal treatment of both sexes. I am in no way "anti-man". I loooooove men. (Well, most men). I judge people on their words/actions, not on their genitalia. (Well, depending on the circumstances...) Anyway, just because I'm a feminist, that doesn't mean I blindly accept and stand up for every single thing every single woman does. Not at all. And the same is true of Jezebel.

Gawker commenters would never stand for racism or homophobia. So why is casual misogyny so prevalent there, and why do people just accept it and laugh it off? I think it's time to put an end to this.

(End of rant).