Sunday Sign-Off: Lily Tomlin Turns 74

Lily Tomlin turns 74 today, and though we might watch a hilarious clip of Lily Tomlin giving Martin Sheen the business on the West Wing, or of Lily Tomlin giving Candice Bergen the business on Murphy Brown, or of Lily Tomlin giving Keith Carradine the eye business in Nashville, this bit from A Prairie Home Companion seems like an appropriately mournful send-off to the summer's last Sunday.

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Has anyone here tried to quit smoking, and been successful? I really want to quit-because it's getting old and I always feel judged (sure my fellow smokers can relate)-but it's really hard. I've tried keeping track of how many cigarettes I smoke per day, but I end up "forgetting". I also want to kick it because it's a habit from high school and rehab, both of which I don't want to remember. Basically, I want closure. That sounds weird, I know. But I don't know how to stop. I tried the gum and the patch, but they didn't work for me. Any help? And what can I expect when I quit? Thanks!