Sunday Sign-Off: Join the Varmints in Celebrating Beatrix Potter

It's Beatrix Potter's birthday today, and obviously the best way to celebrate is to dance along with these delightfully creepy dancing varmints. Be sure not to step on any of them!


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Official Witch of Los Angeles

I had no idea the concept of a closed/private wedding ceremony was so offensive to some people. Let me explain:

I work on Sundays. Today, it's just myself and the intern in the office, and I got bored and started looking up stuff about private ceremonies/big receptions because I'm curious. Boyfriend says we're gonna get hitched some day in the not-so-distant future — and being the private non-religious people we are, we've both said a big ceremony would be weird. In my ideal world, I'd love to get married at a courthouse or somewhere special with just my parents/his parents in attendance; then, everyone we love can come party with us (because we love partying) and eat amazing food until the wee hours of the morning. It would be fun, cheap and (in our mind) drama free.

Apparently this is "inappropriate" and in poor taste? I dunno, I just saw a lot of sanctimonious posts by wedding bloggers lambasting people who choose this route. I'm awkward. I hate when people look at me (because I think they're judging me). Why would I want to share my deepest feelings of love (where I'd likely be crying) in front of family members I don't really like? (Looking at you, Aunt Tracy.) Am I in the wrong here? Or are the wedding mafiosos just buying into the whole patriarchal idea of what a wedding should be like?