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Sunday Sign-Off: It Was a Fine Affair

Only Christopher Isherwood could make living in Berlin during Hitler's rise to power sound even a little romantic. Enjoy Liza!


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It's my first day posting on Jezebel, so I don't know the proper guidelines for posting multiple times in the same thread.

I am starting birth control for the first time today. I look up reviews for everything before I consider buying it, so I did some research on the birth control the nurse practitioner thought was best for me. She prescribed Loestrin 24 Fe, and I was wondering if any of you have had any experiences with it. I'm worried about weight gain (I saw that some women had a problem with this), since I am REALLY short and already have a couple of pounds too many. I've been struggling with an eating disorder for over 6 years, so not having total control of why my body gains weight is giving me bad anxiety. I know it has a lot to do with the way your body reacts to the hormones. Hopefully my body adjusts to them without any major side effects.

Any personal experiences will be greatly appreciated!