Sunday Sign-Off: Help Baby Beluga Celebrate Raffi's Birthday

It's Raffi's birthday, which means it's time to break out those cassettes you've stored and enjoy a nice evening of sing-a-longs.


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I need dude advice, as per usual. Jezzies have never let me down before, and thanks in advance. Hopefully it makes it far enough up the slush pile to be seen!

I've been dating this guy for two weeks, we met online and live an hour apart. Things seem to be clicking pretty quickly, which is fine, although a little overwhelming at times because it's my first real relationship (I'm 26... I thought it'd never happen).

We've had the "We're exclusive, I'm your girlfriend/you're my boyfriend" talk and that's great! I could tell all along that he's been more into me than I am into him at this point, but I AM into him, and I like him. So tonight we have been texting back and forth. It's going to be over a week until we can see each other due to work schedules and living sort of far apart. He said he misses me, and I responded likewise, and then he alluded to saying, "I love you." Like, I'm 99.9% positive that's where he was going, although he didn't say (text?) it - thank god.

I told him (via text - I'm staying with family so no privacy to talk at the moment) that I'm not super freaked out, and that we need to talk about it in person when we see each other, or I'll call him in the next day or two.

I know people sometimes develop strong feelings quickly, but I'm a little stressed that he seems to be so much "farther along" than I am right now. How do I handle this? I am NOWHERE NEAR feeling ready to say that to him, even though I like him a lot, and I'm a little bit freaked that he's ready to say it so soon. Is this a red flag, or just a guy who's open with his feelings?

And I don't think I REALLY feel this way, but a part of me is worried that I'm just into this right now because this is the first guy who's been so up front with how much he likes me and how attracted he is to me - especially the second part. But I do sincerely like him a lot.

Tl;dr: This dude likes me enough to want to say, "I love you," and I'm not even close to ready to say it back. WTF do I do?