Everyone remembers Kathy in her incredible role as Drew Carey's ' nemesis' on 'The Drew Carey Show,' but did you know she got her first big break on Bob Newhart's show? I found this clip of Kathy with the Second Greatest Human Being On Earth, RuPaul, and PATTI FREAKING LABELLE is in it, too!


Well, that's it for me! I hear a car approaching; I think it's the Jezebel Team heading back here. Uh-oh. I am going to grab all the stuff I stole from Jessica Coen's office (hahahah these shoes don't even fit me hahaha!) and climb out a window before anyone gets here and sees the mess I've made of this site for the past two days.

I had so much fun this weekend; thanks so much to everyone for your awesome, supportive, funny comments. Now, back to watching 'Evening Shade' reruns and memorizing lines from 'Gator.'


ETA: Oh by the way— with 53 percent of the vote, Jessica Lange leaving American Horror Story is truly the shittiest celebrity news story of the week!

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