Sunday Sign-Off: Don't Be a Loser by Skipping the Mad Men Finale

Season Six is just about in the Netflix queue, but there seems to be an endless parade of questions. Will Don Draper actually turn out to be the Nosferatu vampire? Is Megan Draper going to get a better acting gig? Will Betty do something completely off-the-chain weird? Is Bob Benson actually a cyborg velociraptor biding his time until he can open a portal to the future so that his cyborg velociraptor army can come back and destroy humanity before the great, great grandson of Pete Campbell leads the human insurrection? Hey, Matthew Weiner hasn't denied it yet, so it could totally happen.

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So after a week of late night three hour calls, suicide threats, calls to the suicide hotline, and handling her viscous personal attacks about me and my character, I've had enough of my boyfriend's borderline personality disorder ex-girlfriend. For nine months I've put up with the insanity and begged him to let her go so our lives could move forward. I realize now that he never, ever will. He'll never choose us over his relationship with her. But this is too unhealthy for me to be in anymore. It's too exhausting to live like this. I have to break up with him. :( I'm heartbroken and scared to pull the trigger. I've really never had to do something like this before, and I don't know how, especially with him living in my apartment. Really rough end to a horrible week. Anyone out there good at breaking up?