Sunday Sign Off: Carnival Season in Nice Is Bananas

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The Catholic Church may have introduced a lot of not-so-awesome traditions, but give credit where credit is (partially) due: Carnival season is the best time of year. If you don't live in a place that will take part in the pre-Lenten debauchery, sucks for you. If you do live in such a place, congratulations and enjoy your overindulgence.

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Advice, please! My roommate used to always say incredibly judgmental things whenever our mutual friends or I would be talking about casual sex: to the tune of "I was raised with better morals," or "I guess I just respect myself more than that." I chalked it up to her religious upbringing and just tried to watch what topics I brought up around her.

Flash forward one year later, and she's been dating a guy she met on Match for the last couple months. She's pushing a lot of her sexual boundaries with him, and she understandably wants to talk with her girlfriends to get blow job advice and share a raunchy giggle over margaritas. The problem: I'm really struggling with not feeling resentful of the fact that she is, without acknowledging this at all, engaging in the exact same behaviors that she used to chide me for. This is the girl who, less than six months ago, responded to me letting my boyfriend stay the night by writing a next-morning passive aggressive Facebook post about how she was glad that her parents raised her with old-fashioned values and taught her to respect her body—and now she's wanting to hear my advice for how to give a good blow job?

I don't know whether to broach it with her, or whether that will just put her on the defensive. I don't want to force an apology, nor do I want to sound like I'm sex-shaming her for pushing her sexual boundaries. What I do know is that I'm struggling with being the supportive friend I should be because I'm just feeling so resentful at this apparent hypocrisy. Any advice would be amazing! Anybody been in a position like this before?