Sunday Sign-Off: Bye Bye Bye

In the 13 years since "Bye Bye Bye" was released, the members of 'N Sync have gone on to have glorious solo careers. Joshua Scott Chasez made music about how horny he is (really horny). Lance Bass very nearly became Space Bass. Joey Fatone was in a movie about Greek people and their assorted yogurts. Singing palomino Justin Timberlake was arrested for walking around Manhattan with his dick in a box. [Something about the fifth member.] Tonight at the Video Music Awards, the former boy band will reunite to perform their most famous ditty. Then, having outlived their nostalgic usefulness, they'll spontaneously combust onstage.

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At the risk of starting a heated debate, Jezzies, can you point me in direction of literature that supports how formula-fed babies are not doomed to hell/stupidity/cholera because they are denied breast milk? I'm not having a baby yet, but I don't want to breastfeed and I want to be able to support my decision when people start telling me my kids are going to die of the common cold.

Breast-feeding Jezzies, I fully support your right and choice to breastfeed especially in public. I honestly think it's a beautiful process and bonding process, but mentally and physically it's not the choice for me.