Sunday Sign Off: An English Woman Takes the Stage

On this day in 1660, a woman (either Margaret Hughes or Anne Marshall) appears on the English public stage for the very first time EVER. Hughes/Marshall played Desdemona in a production of Othello, which, judging from Claire Danes's cryface in Stage Beauty, was pretty compelling.

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Ginger, get the popcorn!

Is anyone else SO READY for 2013 to be over? This has been a spectacularly shit year for me. I went back to grad school, because I need a master's to advance in my field, but I HATE IT, and I miss working so much. My sister died. My depression, which hasn't really flared up since 2010, came back in a serious way. And a dude I dated for a few months and I really liked spontaneously turned into a complete asshat a few weeks ago and made me totally question my ability to judge people's characters (because, like, WHOA did not see that coming). I also realized I am apparently dating men who treat me the way my dad treated me, so that was a horrifying and cliche realization.

Anyway, I'm probably pulling an all-nighter finishing a paper for a class I hate, and I just keep reminding myself that term is over soon, and I have a long winter break, and that 2014 cannot possibly be worse than 2013. Right? Please tell me that's right.

Also, cute gifs/stories of shit years being followed by awesome years are much appreciated.