Sunday Night Wrap-Up

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This weekend, we tried not to follow a certain set of golden rules, said goodbye to Gary Coleman, tried not to overuse certain internet expressions, danced along to "Catalog," and received an open letter from Quinn Morgendorffer.


A few things: I know the comments have been majorly effed up all day and resemble a Burroughs novel of sorts, but tech has been alerted, and hopefully things will be straightened out soon. Also, remember: you can keep in touch with your fellow commenters all week long via our #groupthink forum. The brilliant and wonderful duo of Megan Carpentier and Lindsay Robertson will be here tomorrow to fill in for your weekday editors, who will be taking a much-deserved day off for the holiday, so be sure to show them a good time, okay? As for tonight, let's keep things light and such. Here's a song to get you started:

Thanks for another lovely weekend!

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I have exams coming up soon, so I have some important work to do: compiling a shopping list of study snacks.

So far I have: ice cream, candy, fruit, hummus, and English muffins. Anyone have any more suggestions?