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Sunday Night Social: Time To Kick Back And Relax

Illustration for article titled Sunday Night Social: Time To Kick Back And Relax

It's that time again, when I take my leave of you guys. Thanks to Jessica Coen for inviting me back. And you know what to do below. [Image via Me-Liss-A on Flickr]


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Does anyone have good tips to stop smoking? I've been smoking for 15 years and I really want to quit. I have no self-discipline though. I went to my doctor and he asked me why I want to quit, I told him:

-For my health.

-I am not enjoying it anymore but it's my crutch for when I'm feeling very anxious.

-I stopped smoking pot and that made me smoke cigarettes even more.

He told me to go home, think about it and come back when I was really motivated because all the things he could prescribe me would be just as expensive as buying cigarettes... ???

I need a new doctor.