Sunday Night Social: Hosted by Bernie Sanders and Rickie From My So-Called Life Drag Brunching

Hello everyone, it’s a “Sunday Night Social: Special Edition!” post just for you!

Whether or not you are a fan of Bernie Sanders, it may or may not be completely impossible to dislike the fact that he technically went with My So Called Life’s Rickie Vasquez (AKA actor Wilson Cruz) to a drag brunch in Los Angeles. Equally hard to hate on is the buddy-comedy franchise that should eventually ensue if there is any justice in this world.


Sanders went to visit California constituents days before the state’s primary at the legendary West Hollywood gay bar Hamburger Mary’s, and stopped for a photo op with Cruz while heading out.

But really, I’m thinking they should do a Danny DeVito/Arnold Schwarzenegger reboot of Twins. How do we feel about this?

On another completely unrelated note, this comic is my world right now. “Oh my God. She’s got everything. Even a burrito.”


Happy Sunday!

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