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Sunday Night Slam

Another weekend is gone, but there's still some daylight left. Get out there and frolic through it, or settle in here and chatter amongst yourselves, but first, for the love of Elizabeth Warren, please watch this Robyn video. (Another recommendation? The Tree of Life. I caught it on Friday and I still feel like I'm living inside the film. Go see it! Use substances at your disposal before doing so, but go!)


As always, keep it light and breezy and happy and snappy and gay.

I'll see you next Sunday, and if anything happens, just ring those bells and let the British know that we're armed and they're not going to take our arms away. You know, like Paul Revere.

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My parents are building a shed. For their trash. And they are really excited about it. Please never let me get that old.

Went to see Hangover 2 with some friends today (I didn't chose the movie). The people behind us brought four kids under 11 and under. And the parents weren't even concerned. It's not even like, oh crap we took our kids to this movie without even knowing what it was. It was like, yep, this is what we do with our kids on Sundays. I can see taking your kids to an R movie if it is educational or something (like King's Speech) but the Hangover? Oy.