​Sunday Night Sign-Off: That Time Two Dudes Crashed Sarah Palin's Show

Evening folks. It's Sunday. It's getting chilly. I'm happy.

So here is a simultaneously fantastic and completely unnerving video of Sarah Palin inviting two random dudes from New Jersey (who just showed up at her house—seriously) onto her channel/network/show for a couple minutes. It is the oddest thing in the world, a surreal trip to limbo and back, and I swear to god the dead air will send shivers down your spine. Also, that huge fucking clock does not even work. Useless.


Other highlights include Palin manhandling the shit out of a small dog with a rhinestone collar (mind you she does not know which of her children owns the dog), and poor Todd Palin and his tinted glasses just wanting to be part of the show. I must say, my favorite parts are when you see glimmers of the real Sarah Palin—a woman who is incredibly uncomfortable (possibly with herself) and simply tired of this shit.

The whole ordeal is just bonkers, so you should definitely DEFINITELY watch it. But get high first. Indica, not Sativa.


The video comes by way of Mike Ballaban from Jalopnik, but io9's Robbie Gonzalez brings us THIS AMAZING GIF below. (Yes, various Gawker Media weekend writers chill out over the weekend on Slack, that company chatty thing you've read so much about. Also, congrats to Kat Callahan who just joined the weekend party over at Jalopnik!)

Seriously, thank you Robbie:

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Thank you to everyone who responded to my post about the cheating dude who disappeared after we had sex. I managed to lose my key so couldn't get back into my burner to respond, but the responses were greatly appreciated. For background, I talked to this guy all summer, he told me he loved me, we slept together and he stopped texting. I found out he had a gf and deleted him.

I have a couple more questions. First, regarding telling his gf about the dude's philandering: I found out today that he also slept with one of my best friends AND a neighbor. We used protection, but I will still be getting tested. I am sincerely worried for my friend AND the guy's girlfriend. I'm not sure what the guy's deal is, but he could very well be a walking std factory. Would it be wrong to clue the girlfriend in on all the cheating if she's at risk? Telling her would be out of revenge in part, I can't lie, but the affairs are so much worse than I thought. God knows how many of us there are. Since it's a super small town, I'm hesitant to do it upfront. I'm more inclined to tell her anonymously. How cowardly would that be?

Second, the guy left a pretty expensive tool in my car. Since I've deleted him from all social media, I'm not sure if I should text him to tell him that he can pick it up or if I should just keep it (I wasn't thinking everything through when I deleted him). He hasn't texted me since the day after we slept together, despite the fact that he said we'd meet up again so he could pick it up. I haven't heard anything since I deleted him, and he doesn't know that I know about the girlfriend. What is the etiquette for situations like these? I'd be more happy to be rid of the thing. I hate having ANY reminders of him. He doesnt have a mailbox and lives far enough out of town that it'd be impossible to just "drop by." He'd see/hear me drive up. And honestly, I'm too mad to put that much effort into it. And since he doesn't care that I've deleted him (no "uh what happened" text when I suddenly disappeared), I'm not sure why I care as much as I do.

Thanks for any and all advice!