Sunday Night Sign-Off: This Is a Stone That We Throw

It's a Beach House kind of evening.

I honestly can't tell if it's my general reclusiveness (and the fact that I don't have a TV), but it doesn't feel like the holidays are upon us. Maybe it's the lack of snow in NY, maybe it's the torrent of general inhumanity that this week/December/this year has seen, but it's strange to think that Christmas is on Thursday. Huh. Welp, have a good Sunday night!


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Emma Golddigger

So I'm working at a group home for men with developmental disabilities this Christmas Eve and Christmas night. Some of the guys are going home with their families, some are staying, and I want to show the ones who stay here a good Christmas! Please help a Jew, two Muslims, and a shoestring budget orchestrate a Christmas that's not a crushing disappointment! I'm looking for music recommendations, movie recommendations (particularly if they're on Netflix or Amazon Prime), arts and crafts recommendations, activity recommendations, food suggestions, and basic traditions (as in: "for me it doesn't feel like Christmas unless Uncle Goy is vomiting eggnog into a reindeer carcass." We don't know that stuff! We could easily forget an essential Christmas ingredient if left to our own devices.) Thanks in advance and happy Chanukkah!