Sunday Night Sign-Off: Remembering Columbine

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With all the Weedster commotion going on, it's easy to forget that today is also the anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting in Littleton, Colorado. The devastating 1999 attack by two high school seniors was one of the first shooting tragedies to really put the gun control and bullying conversations on the board. While the discussion regarding school shootings and other mass killing sprees certainly has become more sophisticated (in that we no longer blame goth kids and Marilyn Manson), it's a conversation that really doesn't need more tragic fodder.


Happy Easter, happy 420, happy birthday George Takei (he's 77). Take it away, folks.

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I attended a BBQ yesterday where I saw a bunch of people I hadn't seen in 3-ish years or so. The last time many of these people saw me I weighed just about 200lbs more than I do now. I got all the usual comments about this transformation and answered with my polite, completely non-annoyed responses (as you do) but really... this shit annoys me so much. I understand I should probably expect it but I really don't know what to say to people. I really just want to yell the damn truth at them that no, I am not much happier now, and no, I don't feel so much better either, and no, my health is pretty much exactly where it was before, but yes, it is nice to be able to sit in a chair without worrying about it collapsing beneath me. Instead I have no smile and act gracious that they noticed my ass isn't quite as fat as it used to be and try not to strangle them when they tell me how pretty I look now.

I wont even go there with their comments about my food choices and whether or not I worry about "blowing up" again because I had the balls to have a few spoonfuls of potato salad.