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Sunday Night Sign-Off: Operator Operator, Dial Her Back

Yesterday I went to karaoke (and killed it duh), but in my not-quite sober stupor, I thought it was a good idea to use the complimentary mouthwash provided in the bathroom. I mean it tasted fine to me, but it hit me this morning how weird it was to pour out mouthwash from one of those big bottles in an establishment that isn't a hotel or a dentist office. Feeling very slanty mouth about the whole ordeal.


Happy Sunday, y'all.

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Does anybody have a current song that they play over and over again? Right now mine's Love Too Deep by Redondo and Ferrick Dawn. I went for a run and I played that song on a continuous loop lol.

So I reapplied to Moxie's (Canadians will know this place) as a lounge server (I had that job in my early 20's) and you guys....I didn't get hired. Apparently I'm too old/ugly to serve tuna rolls and white chocolate brownies. And I know I shouldn't care and that job is terrible and sexist and anybody who knows the company can tell you how ridiculous the standards are and I only care now that I don't fit it. Which is selfish and stupid but the money was so good I could ignore it. So I went to Jack Astor's today to apply and I that every single server was a girl no older than 21. Prancing around in skirts and heels. For Jack Astors (I don't know the American equivalent but its middle of the road, nothing fancy). So I slunked my almost 30 year old ass on out of there w/o even applying.

Serving and Bartending have been my bread and butter more than any other "real job" I've had and it's a wakeup call that I can't rely on it anymore :(