Sunday-Night Sign-Off: Here Comes the Sun For Real Again

Last night I returned from a marathon of a trip (that included 18 hours total in the Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow) and woke up to sun and birds chirping. Naturally, the question begs: is this shit here to stay yet?

Also, I hope you all take firm and steady hold of your butts because Game of Thrones is back as well as Veep. Be safe and have fun out there kids.

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So I have a rather silly question, or rather what I feel is a silly question (mostly I just feel silly for asking it as a 30 year old woman). How does one go about meeting new friends as an adult? I went through a breakup in October and after lots of feeling sorry for myself and other goings on, I feel as though I've come out the other side. I face the reality that this ex of mine was my only real friend for years though and without him in my life, there's really no one for me to chill with.

I'm friendly with some people at work but when we get together outside of the workplace, we inevitably end up talking about work. I work evenings so a lot of social type gatherings are out of the question for me as they all seem to take place when I'm working, and I'm not much of a bar/club type. Someone suggested I try the Meetup website thing but the few groups I found in my area that I was interested in also had all their activities when I was working.

Any suggestions for this bitch that's getting a little bit lonely?